XPRIZE Wildfire Resources

Welcome to the XPRIZE Wildfire resources page. XPRIZE Wildfire is an $11 million, 4-year competition incentivizing the innovation of firefighting technologies that will end destructive wildfire events so that humanity and beneficial wildfire can safely co-exist. The prize aims to transform current wildfire management approaches by developing new technologies that can rapidly and accurately detect, characterize, and respond to wildfires before they become destructive.

Why was XPRIZE Wildfire Launched?

Globally, Extreme Wildfire Events (EWEs) are becoming more frequent. EWEs burn bigger, at a higher intensity, and can quickly sprawl out of control. While they represent only around 3% of all wildfires, EWEs account for 80% of total associated fire damage. Without solutions to detect and manage them at inception, they will continue to threaten fragile landscapes with deforestation and habitat degradation and lead to the loss of biodiversity, human infrastructure, and even human lives.

XPRIZE Wildfire will lead to new technologies and methods of Wildfire management with a holistic approach to prevent the loss of life, biodiversity, and other negative, lasting effects of destructive wildfires.

Learn more about the research behind the XPRIZE Wildfire competition and the need to end destructive wildfires in the State of Prize Report: The Grand Challenge And Rationale Behind XPRIZE Wildfire.

Wildfires and Climate Change

Wildfire Maps

Biodiversity Impacts

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Wildfire Tech

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