The Competition Guidelines (updated to Version 2.1 on March 4, 2024) summarize the high-level requirements and procedures of the competition. These guidelines are based upon extensive research and consultation with dozens of experts and hundreds in our online community, including fire incident chiefs, wildland smokejumpers, fire investigators, forest specialists, testing specialists, and researchers across a wide array of relevant fields.


XPRIZE competitions are driven by teams of innovative groups and individuals, comprising subject matter experts, enthusiasts, start-ups, student teams, amateurs, and all problem-solvers in between. A winning idea can come from anyone, anywhere.

Note: The competition is void in those countries where prohibited or restricted by U.S. law. XPRIZE reserves the right to limit, or restrict upon notice, participation in the competition to any person or entity at any time for any reason. Teams may withdraw from the competition as set forth in the Competitor Agreement.


Teams will be responsible for the total costs of their participation in the competition, including R&D, general operations, and travel, among other costs. All teams are encouraged to seek sponsorships, partnerships, or investment funding.


XPRIZE Wildfire will entail multiple rounds of technical submissions, testing, and judging, which will be overseen by XPRIZE and an independent Judging Panel. These rounds will inform the Judges’ selection of teams that will advance through the competition. 

Team submissions will include written materials, video footage (where applicable), other supplemental documentation, and technology prototypes that demonstrate teams’ solutions in accordance with the competition criteria. Team submissions will be assessed and scored in a way that upholds confidentiality as well as fair and equal consideration of all competition criteria, without favoring one criterion over another unless explicitly specified.

Teams should refer to the complete Competition Guidelines for more details about judging criteria, competition milestones, and official activities. Complete competition criteria and procedures will be released in the forthcoming Competition Rules & Regulations.


To ensure that the competition is fairly operated, XPRIZE will appoint the following two panels


XPRIZE will recruit an Advisory Board composed of experts. XPRIZE will seek to ensure the expertise of the Advisory Board is diverse enough to understand and advise on a variety of relevant subject matter areas. This board will remain in place throughout the competition to advise XPRIZE regarding the competition.


XPRIZE will recruit a highly-qualified Judging Panel. XPRIZE will seek to ensure the expertise of the Judging Panel is diverse enough to fairly evaluate the various technologies and approaches that teams may develop during the competition. The Judging Panel will convene to collaborate, review guidelines and rules, ask questions, and ensure that they are fully able to judge the competition in a fair and appropriate manner.


Competition Guidelines (PDF): A document summarizing the high-level requirements and procedures of the competition.

Competitor Agreement: A legally binding contract that contains the requirements of  the competition. All competing teams must sign this in order to compete.

Rules and Regulations: A document detailing the testing procedures, judging and scoring metrics, specific rules, dates and milestones, and other protocols that will govern the competition.