Zero-Waste Mining Prize Design

The XPRIZE Foundation is developing a Zero-Waste Mining Prize Design. We’ve launched this community to get feedback from experts and those interested in mining to help us understand the most important problems in mining waste, and how we can design the best possible prize competition to address them. Please join our discussions and use resources in General if you have specific questions or concerns for us.

Category List

  • Competition Directions
    XPRIZE is considering several different directions for a Prize Design to eliminate mining waste. We have to determine where in the mining process new technology will be most impactful, and whether those technologies are “audacious yet achievable.”
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  • Key Issues
    To design the best prize, we at XPRIZE need to deeply understand the problem. Participate here in discussions around the background of mining waste, including what kinds of waste are the most prevalent or most damaging.
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  • General
    Introduce yourself, post questions if you need help, and learn more about this project.
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