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  • Age Reversal: What if we focused the prize on the immune system?

  • Frontline Health: Which is an ideal country for a digital health competition?

  • Circular Food Economy: Discuss the core problems in packaging.

  • XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing: Do you have an idea for a low-cost testing solution? Join this $5 million, 6-month competition!

  • COVID-19 CT Scan Collaborative: XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance and the New England Complex Systems Institute announce $1.8 million in prizes to jumpstart CT scan use in COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

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COVID-19 test results shouldn't take two weeks. They should be rapid.

XPRIZE is calling on the world's brightest, most innovative minds to develop new, low-cost testing solutions that range from testing devices with 15-minute results to distributed lab testing methods with "next morning" results.

Revolutionize COVID-19 testing for everyone, everywhere. Click here to learn more about XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing.

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