🔮 XPRIZE Civilisation Building Contest

Apologies for the late posting and missing various deadlines related to 2021 visioneering cycle, better late than never.


This is something I feel strongly, high conviction.

This is something I posted on the previous, old version forum, still available on archive.org

This is something that won 2015 visioneering, here are some references:

The team garnered first place honors for their Human Dignity Prize concept: inexpensive, deployable in a day, safe/secure homes with access to water, sanitation, and off-the-grid power, for displaced families that can be integrated to create more than just shelters and provide the development of communities created by those who live in them.

Source on Mindvalley on archive.org again:

The challenge is to develop a scalable, instantly deployable, and self-sustainable community infrastructure so refugee camps and slums can be turned into functional townships – think a pack-and-go housing solution that provides efficient water, electricity, and sanitation, has a lifespan of at least six months, and can be adapted to multi-terrain and climate conditions.

Intro home landing page


Below is the screenshot, it might be useful if you start from the homepage to better understand the thinking process


REGEN IT are decent principles, this what we need to do.

Page specific about the XPRIZE design

It is really useful to understand the Founding Principles, REGEN IT Manifesto, Deep Adaptation and Refugee Crisis (that hasn’t even begun for real)

:arrow_right: https://www.notion.so/basex/XPRIZE-Civilisation-Building-Contest-833c92b9d8954a52afab250938e02288

The civilisation building contest has several categories:

  • Category: speed and cost
  • Category: self-sufficiency (single dwelling)
  • Category: community (cluster)
  • Category: portable markerspace

Ability to bring enough tools to build self-sustaining civilisation.

  • Category: seastading
  • Category: space

What is different this time?

Climate change awareness from 2015 is different than 2022.

We should not be building temporary refugee camps

We should be building permanent cities.

I genuinely believe that building a new city on a desert (just like Burning Man) is much easier that fighting with existing bureaucracy, especially when we add some urgency and humanitarian aspect.

There is massive value in avoiding human suffering


I’ve been thinking a lot about the business model.


As a byproduct decided to establish and quantify a new definition of value, something along the lines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_bottom_line - PEOPLE PLANET PROFIT

The moment we start optimising for PEOPLE (not just PROFIT) it makes loads of sense to build $80k house, rather than $80k weapon.

How can we get this into production?

Feedback, comments, thoughts, greatly appreciated.

Building a technology to build cities at scale is beyond my personal capacity but I have belief that XPRIZE community can come to the rescue :sunglasses: