The Organic Loop - From Feces to Food

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The Organic Loop - From Feces to Food: A system that will decompose organic waste, and turn it directly into nutrients.

Stipulations: The winning team will demonstrate a system that will receive solid, semi-solid and liquid organic waste, and turn it into nutrients that can then be safely assimilated into food fit for human consumption.

Importance: Massive amounts of organic waste are being produced every day all over the world. Organic waste includes human excrement and urine, as well as rotten food that has been thrown away. However, organic waste is composed of practically the same molecules and atoms that our food is composed of. This XPRIZE seeks to turn organic waste into a food source, thus tackling both the waste and food security problem at the same time.

This is what I do now. Parts of the loop are rock solid, some still need work. Anaerobic digestion is the most common pathway, and it is seeing a resurgence, driven by Renewable Natural Gas. I did a TEDx talk on my work in 2016. Poop Soup and the Inevitable Global Movement. Poop Soup and the Inevitable Global Movement | Christopher Bush | TEDxEastVan - YouTube
We are working on next generation solutions that use thermal deconstruction. That expands the range of organics we can process, including biosolids from WWTP.