The Future of Genetic Engineering - An Interview with George Church

A bioengineer, a biopunk, and a biotech reporter square off onstage about our neobiological future.

At that Interview George talks about Rejuvenate Bio, a stealth mode startup he cofounded to use genetic engineering for extending the longevity of dogs. In a recent TEDx talk (Reversing Human Aging) he talks in more details about it. There he mentions doubling life expectancy in humans to 160 years

@Liz_Parrish and @abarsouk, you may be especially interested in this. What do you think about the prospect of doubling life expectancy through genetic engineering?

Thanks for asking Nick. I believe that the only sure and permanent way to create homeostasis in an organism over long periods of time will be genetic manipulation and engineering. That is why my focus is in this area. Living to 160 would simply be slowing the process of aging. I think we will be able to do better than that but will need human data to push the tech forward. Noah Davidsohn is the CEO of the group editing the dog’s genes. George Church is our favourite advisor and has shaved months off of our R&D at Rutgers with his suggestions. Love him! Exciting times!