The forest understory and C02 Sequestration

I am an artist presently working on projects about the “Life of Trees”. In 2016, I created eleven “Ecological Leaf Sculptures” along a trail in a forest preserve, Franklin Township, New Jersey. The leaf sculptures are large leaves outlined with local stone beneath the trees they are of. Each sculpture is in a different niche in the forest. I lead Walking Tours for the public to view the understory and to see changes in the forest. I am interested in how stones could be used to sequester carbon, integrated in a leaf design. Please view the leaf sculptures in my website:
I would like to work with interested professionals.
Thank you. Susan Hoenig

Hi Susan,

Your work with the sculptures and walking tours sounds quite inspirational. I’m currently exploring the possibility of carbon mineralization, i.e. turning it into carbonate rocks. It’s possible, and it seems many people in the space are also interested in modular mineralization.

By the way, have you checked out our dedicated chat to the NAS report? I’m hoping to spur more conversation re: carbon mineralization there.