Swiss to vote on banning factory farming - An XPRIZE can show a better/smarter way forward!

To quote the LinkedIn post from Ryan Bethencourt, " Gradually and then suddenly."

We are living in very interesting times. I am reading the Jacy Reese book “The End of Animal Farming”. The animal rights groups are using a club, bludgeoning people to save animals. A properly designed XPRIZE that uses data to clearly show the true cost accounting of food, production and consumption, including the health care implications, will use carrots to incentivize people to change. A powerful tool like this can manage the disruption to orderly, and limit the damage risks of a radical blind shift.

A well designed XPRIZE for the future of food would be the crowning glory of the organization, truly building a bridge to abundance for all!

Thanks, @ACESChris! Let me move this into Food and Agriculture Prize Ideas.

@NickOttens As you wish. I am not suggesting that “The end of animal agriculture” be a competition idea though. There are a LOT or people quite emotionally attached to meat, and the animal agriculture industry is quite powerful. A data driven nuanced approach will have a much greater chance of success.

Understood - but it sounds like a good starting place for ideas for XPRIZEs!