Space Economy

In our first vision discussion with the Space Brain Trust (meet the Brain Trusts here), several points were made that I think can be grouped under the “space economy”:

  • Space is part of the global supply chain.
  • The private space industry is thriving.
  • Space manufacturing, factories, and robotics to manipulate and manage sources in space.
  • Earth-orbit-Moon economic system. Exchange of resources with Earth (in particular waste and mining).
  • Trillion-dollar econosphere that is supported by a vast space network.

What is your vision for the space economy by 2040? Please share your ideas and feedback in this thread!

@interplanetary, @GuyBahat, would love your input here! Do you think this vision is audacious enough? Too audacious? Is there anything you would add?

Hi @Rahul and @SynergyKevin - Having a vast experience working in the space industry, we would love to hear your vision for space economy by 2040. Nick has listed some of the visions shared by other experts, what thoughts you have on the listed visions? Are we missing anything?

@easphaug, @Sheelika, @SynergyKevin, what is your estimation of the growth of the space economy in the next 20 years? We’re envisaging a $1 trillion space economy by 2040. We want to be audacious. Do you think that’s too audacious? Or a realistic ambition?