Seeking Partners to Reimagine Tomorrow's Proteins

The conventional meat production and consumption trends of today are unsustainable. The resources consumed to satisfy this global demand will accelerate environmental degradation, impact food safety and hunger insecurity, and multiply inhumane treatment of animals.

But only if we do nothing.

XPRIZE is actively disrupting the destructive global meat production and consumption status-quo. We’re working towards a future in which the Earth is preserved while the food demand of ten billion people are met.

Can you recommend a leader or an organization to help make this future a reality?

We’re seeking food tech experts, innovative chefs, resource providers, institutions, and amplification and recruitment partners. Please share your suggestions here or email us at

My research indicates that one of the most powerful superfoods is also one of the easiest to grow and can be grown in a mere bucket in an apartment in a sunny window or a large production scale! It is water lentils! Fresh or dry they offer high protein and abundant nutrients.