Seeking Partners to Reimagine the Future of Work

Over 42 million Americans are unemployed, looking for work, and searching for hope. COVID-19 has strained the American economy and its workers. Work from home orders has spurred quicker adoption of technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics to replace in-person workstreams. But as society gradually returns to normal, the use of these technologies will not subside. What happens to the workers who were marginalized by the pandemic and the greater prevalence of tech?

Imagine a future in which all workers can rapidly attain new and more relevant skills to their current workplace – and their next one.

XPRIZE is actively seeking partners to make sure this future becomes a reality. Do you know of an incubator, education provider, mentor, conference host, or potential test site?

Share your suggestions here or email to get involved.

Based on our partnership ( here at UNC-Chapel Hill that designed, tested, iterated, sources materials, created a volunteer network and produced over 40k face shields for our local and state healthcare system, we developed a proposal for helping small businesses and employees pivot in response to COVID-19. Critical issues with supply chain for hospitals and health providers remain, while the need for new products and services related to mitigating the spread and re-opening businesses grows. Based on the convergence of community need with resources and expertise, our UNC-Chapel Hill team of BeAM, Innovate Carolina, and BME propose supporting 10-12 small businesses and startups each year for the next two years to respond to economic injury as a result of coronavirus. We will help them navigate the landscape of UNC affiliated experts and resources, retain and grow jobs, increase revenues, and access investment capital as they develop new product offerings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic depression. By helping firms to pivot their business, companies can engage in rapid recovery and resilience; workforce development in manufacturing; and consider locating in Opportunity Zones in Chapel Hill and other areas within our geographic scope. Based on past EDA-supported programs and our modest funding request, we estimate creating 39 jobs, retaining 119 jobs, and attracting over $20M private investment into client firms during the two-year grant period.