Scaling the Impact of Green Energy Carriers

Sleeping on it overnight, I would divide the LCA gCO2e, etc. values by the simple kg of H2 examined, rather thatn $/kWh or $/kg. This way you get (for example) kg CO2/kg H2.

One current such benchmark is 9 kg CO2e/kg H2 when producing H2 by simple steam methane reforming.

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Thank you @KeithDPatch
Very interesting perspective on the LCOE! I will look further into this. Do you think it’s important to get clear visibility into the price of electricity and water used for operations?

With regards to the cost benchmarks, please allow me to share a little more context. The cost will be calculated using the LCOE and should reflect the retail cost, hence account for the carrier’s production and distribution (we are defining a couple of scenarios). The reason the cost is in kWh is to remain solution agnostic.

  • $0.374/kWh (fully considered cost) - Takes into account the full lifecycle of oil, including diesel costs and carbon impacts. Real costs are independent, comprehensive calculations accounting for externalities. The total is $4.87/kg (1 diesel kg = 13kWh)
  • $0.059/kWh (tipping point) - the cost of $2/kg H2 was identified by the Hydrogen Council in 2020 (1 H2 kg = 33.6 kWh)
  • $0.034/kWh (at scale cost) - the cost of $1.15/kg H2 was identified by BNEF in 2021 (1 H2 kg = 33.6 kWh)
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Thank you, we are also performing an LCA (cradle to grace), so we could utilize these numbers. Very interesting idea and much appreciated.

I wonder if there is a way to work with legacy energy providers by first improving the efficiency of the existing grid and then incorporating green energy solutions on top of that. For example, I recently came across this blog post by Astro Teller that identified some key challenges in developing more perfect information about energy grids in real time:

Thanks @darlenedamm for sharing this insightful resource. Any recommendation of energy providers would help.

Thank you @Shashi. By this, are you looking for introductions to companies? For example, are you trying to meet someone who at works at Southern California Edison or PG&E? Or are you trying to connect with fossil fuel companies? Thanks!

Hi @darlenedamm,
I mean any organization who would be interested in helping our competitors scale their solutions. We are fine either ways; recommending organization or introducing to potential partners. Thanks.

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@Eti, @KeithDPatch
BTW, an ideal way to get green hydrogen in any place is Cloud Water & Power, because here we have an ideal cloud water (practically, distillate) up to $0.015/m3, and ideal green hydro power up to $0.003/kWh.