Resource Recovery / Circular Water Economy

As we continue exploring decentralized water reuse systems, we also explore opportunities to promote sustainability, resourcefulness, and harnessing the value in wastewater. 

“…The circular water economy optimizes water resources and extracts valuable resources from water and wastewater, all the while mitigating emissions and enhancing resilience to climate change.”

  • What can be recovered? What are some examples? Please share links!
  • How much effluent water is needed to generate value?
  • What are the technological limitations?

@aqua_justin, @AdvantageousSystems, @onitabasu and @Elaine71, you may have insight on these questions for us. Please let us know what you know!

@Farzaneh64, @LSanabria, @HealthyWater and @Chicno, you may also be able to answer some of @Eti’s questions on this topic. Thank you!

Here are some links from Dutch initatives in circular water economy;

Thank you, makes me glad that some have already started with the technology of the future.

@Rob, @BennyL, @pcspencer, I’d like to invite you to join this discussion as well, in case you have any thoughts. The circular water economy is a topic of particular interest to us, so we’re keen to more insight on some of @Eti’s questions.


Recently produced an overview of the possibilities of water reuse in The Netherlands, together with 5 other Water boards and 2 drinking water companies. Check out the English version here:

On this site (also in English) you can find the current projects in the Netherlands on resource recovery from wastewater (like struvite, bioplastics, alginate and cellulose).