Reskilling. Upskilling. Leapfrogging to UBI?

From the opening video presented at Davos:

Please bear with me, I don’t want to be perceived as a nay-sayer. I think that education has enormous value, one of the best examples is teaching how to code in refugee camps so they can earn independent money.

With that said, I think there should be UBI.

The recent situation with train strikes in the UK:

In terms of CO2 and keeping fossil fuels in the ground, not going to work but staying at home is better for environment.

(note the conspiracy theory about “climate lockdown”)

How many % of human civilisation is working in life-supporting activities?

Just like you leapfrog landlines to mobile (or Starlink).

Just like you leapfrog government digitization directly to blockchain.

Some people will skip reskilling directly to UBI :slight_smile:

But those who want - there should be open doors. I’m just thinking that in certain situations nothing can replace years of experience and muscle memory. Entry-level job to work under supervision and get the experience is probably just right.

Meme source:

With that said, I think that being able to code + having various real life + soft skills = several years of employability.