Reducing shipping CO2 emissions

Extending the EUs assessment of transportation Emissions as being roughly the
same percentages around the world the following Patent-Applied-For product can
save up to 7.5% of the earth’s annual emissions.

A few years ago we undertook a major analysis of noxious emissions by VLCC’s and Container ships and found they are on a par with the Fossil Fuel Oil & Gas Companies for pouring serious emissions into the atmosphere.

So we looked at what could be done for a quick fix and came to the conclusion that if we could reduce the amount of fuel consumption whilst maintaining the same speed of the ships it would be a major contribution to the reduction of their noxious emissions and operating costs.

I am pleased to inform you that we have succeeded by designing what we are calling a Torque Enhancer. All ships have a propeller drive shaft. At an appropriate point along the drive shaft we cut it and install our Torque Enhancer where it accepts the ship’s drive shaft coming directly from the engine. WE then connect the propeller drive shaft to the torque enhancer. Input and Outputs rpm’s operate at independent speeds so our Torque Enhancer then substantially increases the output RPM speed which is directly connected to the propeller.

Dependent upon a number of factors our Torque Enhancer can increase the output drive shaft rpm by between 200% to 500%. Even at doubling the speed of the Drive shaft the ship gets to its destination in the same time-frame but with half the cost of the fuel used. Bearing in mind that large vessels consume Millions of Dollars of fuel a year, the benefits in cost and emission savings are prodigious.

Clearly the RPM speed the drive shaft and that of the propeller itself can absorb has to be carefully calculated but most ships can easily take a doubling of the final drive shaft speed which means halfing the fuel cost and significantly reducing CO2 emissions by far more than 50%.

In conclusion, our torque enhancer can work with all drive shafts, so motor vehicles and HGV’s
etc can also benefit from the cost and emissions savings.

NB. We have full details available upon request, on our proof-of-concept and the test results analysis [POC] pdf - which also details several applications as virtually every Motor with a drive shaft can utlise our system. It really is a breakthrough technology.

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