Potential competitors

Do you know researchers, scientists, start-ups, companies, or others who might be interested in competing in this prize?

Or might YOU be interested in competing in this prize?

Let us know here to help us gauge potential interest!

I would like to nominate Telocyte, Michigan-based gene therapy company which uses the most recent molecular tools to CURE, not treat, Alzheimer’s Disease. Their approach is focused on the use of recombinant telomerase gene and AAV-based delivery system. Led by Michael Fossel (MD, PhD), a visionary and great mind, who promises the world a longer and healthier life and this is what I believe in.

I would like to nominate my mentor Viktoras Kulvinskas. He is an author, health educator and expert in Longevity, Vikotras is the co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and is a prime example of longevity. ln addition to his morning routine of yoga, breathwork, qi gong and self-massage he also works out, 80 pull-ups from an upsidedown position, and he reached 100 push-ups on his 80th birthday. He is a theoretical mathematician and has been doing science-based research on “Youthing” for the past 30 years.

I would like to nominate Telocyte, which focuses on curing AD. They have the technology, clinical expertise, and commitment needed to accomplish that mission.

Thank you all for the recommendations! Telocyte is definitively on our list, and I would love to invite Viktoras to our community, @Joanne.

First of all, thanks for your follow up email, Nick!

Briefly, I am a neuroscientist fascinated by the aging of the nervous system. I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of brain aging at the level of synapses and neural circuits. I am interested to learn more about this prize.

Universities (Harvard, Yale Oxford UCL), scientists, aging focused institutions (The Buck, Charles Perkins, UCL etc ) and companies in this sector like my company Juvenescence.

George Church is into it.
See https://lifeextension.com/magazine/2020/9/george-church-age-reversal

Unity Biotechnology fails early test, raising doubts its ability to develop drugs to reverse aging symptoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may aid this process. In his book Superintelligence, philosopher Nick Bostrom suggests AI may soon exceed human-level intelligence resulting in an intelligence explosion. Such a scenario makes anything thinkable, and he believes it could happen in a few decades.

Harold Katcher and Akshay Sanghavi could compete as well. In a preprint published on last May, it was showed that the epigenetic age of rats was halved using young blood factors. Their company is called Nugenics, or Yuvan.