Motivation Prize

This prize would challenge teams to create a technological solution (usable on many different platforms, including PC and VR / AR / MR devices), that can imbue people with energy, intrinsic motivation and grit. Vulnerable workers would then be better equipped to learn and gain new skills on their own. This prize would encourage lifelong learning and enable people to take full advantage of learning resources available to them.

@grbell5, @dblakels, I’d like to ask your advice on this idea for a prize competition. Do you think it is achievable?

We have six ideas for prize competitions and are asking the community for feedback on each one, to determine which direction is the most promising.

I am not sure if this would as an independent solution. IMHO, underlying factor for ‘Motivation’ is a hope that there is light at end of the tunnel. This probably has to part of other solutions that could be adopted.

@ramdhanyk - I may be asking an overly simplistic question here, but what do you think the light at the end of the tunnel would look like for individuals or groups who might use a tool like this to up their motivation?

@HeatherSutton - For a worker who is on the other side of the track, a pathway that can take them towards a promising job/career is the light at the end of tunnel.

Also, there is a saying “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. If the tool allows the users to ‘see it and be it’, that would be another way.

I would caution against a prize for a motivation solution. It puts the onus on low wage workers for poor quality and low wage jobs and suggest that the problem lies primarily in their (perceived) lack of motivation and grit and not the low value that our economy/society places on certain types of work and skills (care taking, for example).

Check our initiative at the MIT-Solve Challenge TPrize

Excellent points @ramdhanyk @Sandy - thank you for your feedback!

@clargacha I took a look at the pitch - it sounds very intriguing and definitely suitable to what this prize design would seek to create! It’s encouraging to see A.I. being used to help people improve, rather than simply replacing them in the labor market.

Rather than a single ‘technological solution’…what about an entire technological (economy) sector…? We already have seen the proffering of a Green New Deal (at least among liberal members of the House of Reps). What better time to see this new deal through…?

Surely, saving the planet (for humans and other living things) AND creating jobs for millions (ala the WPA and CCC of the FDR era) would serve as a great motivation for millions…millions who are aching for clear and decisive leadership on a way forward – post COVD-190 and continuing Climate Disruption.

So, for me the ‘motivation prize’ would be something like:

How can we implement the idea of a ‘Green Tech Revolution’ to stimulate a new Economy post COVID-19? What ideas, policies and technologies (whether primary or supporting) can be leveraged to expand, scale-up and/or accelerate our transition to a Green Economy and simultaneously provide decent jobs for millions?

Something like that. We already have technologies to address many of our present concerns about the economy and the climate…the real questions is how do we use these to create a sustainable and stable path forward?

Hello everyone, I’m George a systems thinker always available for brainstorming and collaboration. It’s a pleasure joining this community.

Hopefully this thread begin the discussions that will lead us beyond singular proposals, to the collaborative efforts that can help us all experiment with our collective projects over time. Any proposed solution should begin an inclusive process of establishing new cultures of distributed power and interdependence within a co-created global ecosystem that establishes diversity, data dignity, data integrity, data privacy, data security, diverse business start-ups and environmental protection and shared responsibility for all. Together we should begin this process asap! If you are interested in learning more details on how we can begin, contact me anytime at: