Marine Farming

I never thought about seaweed in that context. Aren’t there any initiatives / companies working on achieving those breakthroughs right now, though?

Yes… but no-one can hope to work at scale without a boost like XPrize.

@abwalker and @afisherinwater, you may be interested in this discussion as well. Do you agree marine farming is a good topic for XPRIZE to focus on? Please let us know, and if you do up-vote this discussion!

@NickOttens @JessicaYoon @crointel @Roey @abwalker @afisherinwater Yes…and although it does over-lap with the Feeding the Next Billion proposed XPrize, and also over-laps with the Carbon Capture (?) prize, perhaps there might be a ‘sub-domain’ (XPrize ‘focus’) type prize for either category (food, carbon capture)…or perhaps adding a third: marine ecosystem restoration (a ‘trifecta’ prize: food, carbon capture, ecosystem restoration).

As for sea farming (food production), the minimal benchmarks would be 1] identifying the appropriate plant, fish or aquatic species (or combination), 2] scaling up a proposed sea farming operation (sustainably, minimal waste/pollution), and 3] feeding ‘x’ amount of people (say, 100,000) for a period of time (say, for 1 to 3 months, minimum).

Carbon capture benchmarks would need to show 1] ‘x’ amount of growth (sustained, permanent or quasi-permanent), 2] ‘x’ amount of carbon storage per unit area of seaweed [question: is this long-term sequestration, or, semi-permanent?]

Ecosystem Restoration benchmarks would need to demonstrate (at least) the return of ecosystem-associated species (say, at least 3 distinct species) for a protracted period of time [permanently, or quasi-permanently].