High-Fidelity Visualization of Aging Outcomes


A service that would combine data from several different sources (e.g. MRI, lab tests, epigenetic age markers, habits questionnaire, activity tracking, etc.) to visualize projected aging outcomes for individuals.


Such a service would help accelerate drug development by showing the effects that certain drugs and other external factors would have on an individual’s aging process. The data collected could also aid in developing a more robust unified theory of aging, and to increase public awareness of the aging process. Finally, if the system were capable of providing people with real-time information about their health, it could help people become more aware of how they are biologically aging and encourage healthier lifestyle choices.

Relevant Technologies and Techniques

    Sensors Crowdsourcing (for funding and data collection) Open source (for data sharing) Personalization of treatments Epigenetic mapping DNA sequencing

@Living100, @TinaWoods, @Alexandra, what are your thoughts on this potential breakthrough? Is it audacious enough? And is anyone, other than XPRIZE, likely to do this?