Healthcare Workforce of the Future

Augmenting clinical teams with technology and preparing them to deliver high quality, personalized care virtually and equitably.

Could we make this one more specific? Otherwise it might potentially encompass multiple subdomains. For example: education, training, HR…

This seems to me one of the more important sub-domains in health. It has a lot to do with providing healthcare in rural and developing regions, but could even help developed nations that sometimes struggle to find the workforce needed for providing medical care.

@Jozef, @joshnesbit, @marschenrj, @Tapman, @techspeaker, I wonder if you can share some wisdom on this topic. What are the opportunities for higher-quality, personalized care utilizing technology?

Hi @SArora, @Nitesh, @ymedan, @addy_kulkarni, @shamakarkal, @jonc101, @skornik - What are your thoughts on the healthcare workforce of the future.

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The first step would be to collect the required patient data with a minimum of human effort. The next step is to deal with the data collected and then come up with the necessary conclusions and treatment. Repeat all stages.

It is important. May this challenge help?

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Which specialised equipment is necessary? Or are wearable devices sufficient to perform the initial measurement? Last month, I bought watches for twenty-five dollars with sensors. BP, O2 levels amongst them.

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Hi Jozef,

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Hi @sahoo00, @drjewellmd, @skornik, @bngejane, @tylerbn, @mashizaq - What are your thoughts on this topic of healthcare workforce of the future? How important is this topic and why?

This is interesting. Maybe we can ask the competitors to develop technologies that eliminate the need for +50% of existing healthcare workers?

I think this is relevant. We have seen how this pandemic transform the world into a virtual world. I am sure the healthcare sector has the potential to capitalize on this aspect. Internet can help equalize the health equity and disparity around the world.

My perspective on future Healthcare is that it needs to focus on Health as opposed to disease management. Given that, technology can place a critical role in empowering a new class of healthcare workforce, which I would call Health Advocates/Coaches. Most of them would be machine-powered to allow scalability, with a human in the loop. Such advocates will connect to primary and clinician based on triage information collected by home-based and wearble sensors.
IMHO, the focus of theprize should be on cost effective and scalable technologies, as well as the training needed to deploy such a healthcare system.

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I love this idea. What do you think would be the level of proficiency required from the human workers who are in the center of all these technologies?

Thanks. I envision a workforce empowred by AI. They would train at a level of a Paramedic/Nurse/Caregivers, with emphasis on community health. They must have very good digital literacy skills. Their AI-enabled coaching platform will be connected to home and walk-in point-of-care sensors.

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I definitely think the Healthcare Workforce of the Future is an excellent choice and important conversation for the next XPrize. With medical knowledge increasing exponentially, doubling every 3.5 years, it is critical to ensure that the healthcare workforce has access to this ever-changing knowledge on an ongoing basis, especially in underserved and rural communities, as this will in turn, assure better access to quality healthcare in these communities. And with the shortage of specialty care clinicians, it will be important to empower clinicians preventing and treating diseases in their communities that traditionally have been treated by specialists. Technology is the great enabler of this process.


Thanks @SArora for sharing your thoughts. Please vote for this topic (by clicking the button next to the discussion title). Please share some light on the current/ emerging technologies being used for delivering customized virtual care and as well for coaching the healthcare workforce.

Yeah, you and I are of like mind (as is often the case). So we’re talking about people with relatively low-level expertise in health (when compared to MDs) but who are digitally literate.

Hi @RahulJindal, @anaconnav, @Nvargas2, @mhackett, @stephaniel, @paulauerbach, @rajpanda - Would love to hear your thoughts on Healthcare Workforce of the Future and the comments so far.

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