Health in 2040

Thanks @giorgiogaviraghi for sharing the details of the Exponential Creativity course at UFMT. Indeed all these interventions when developed would create a great positive impact on human health.

here is an image that visualize our strategy to fight diseases.
It will need many new technologies , such as injected nanochip
that could be a good subject for an Xprize the entire project is aimed to obtain unlimited lifespan

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Exactly- new tool for early identification of disease is critical for prevention. This is true and cancer and it is also true and Alzheimer’s disease.

The question is:
1)what are the new technologies that can help with early disease identification
2) How can early ID enable prevention (Lifestyle ) or treatment (eg Pharmacological+)

The question is can new tools and technologies play a pivotal role here. Can it make it faster, easier and better.

As a simple for instance can one use an App and a camera to take a picture of a mole/blotch along with questions, coupled with a deep learning cloud algorithm, to Identify very easily people at high risk of skin cancer. (I’m not doing this and maybe it has already been done but just giving an example).

Use technologies such as digital healthcare and deep learning to change the Heath landscape, Making it easier and more accessible to all people.

Team goals should be highly targeted so that impact can be measured and evaluated. My 2 cents….