Genetically engineering plants to provide ALL nutrients humans need

This topic relates both to the Food and the Health domain.

We know that plants, while aplenty, only provide some parts of the nutrients humans need to survive. What if we could create plants that would provide us with all the nutrients we need? All the vitamins, fats, sugars and proteins?

(I’m not including minerals here, because these food components need to be harvested from the environment. If they’re not there, then the plants won’t be able to draw them into themselves)

Will these All-Nutrients Plants be palatable? As I saw in the Deep Space Food challenge webinars, all or almost all panelists put palatability in the first place. On the other hand, wondering how well it is, regarding the acceptance of GMO products?

@llekgari, @davidleemack, @JRosichan, @ychen53, we could use your expertise here! What do you think of @Roey’s idea? Is it a viable area for XPRIZE to focus on as we embark on a six-month journey to design and choose our next $10M competition?

(Info about the Global Visioneering program here.)

The low acceptance of GMO crops is another challenge. If I could, I would’ve launched an XPRIZE competition long ago, to make the public realize that GMOs are just as safe as ‘natural’ crops, and sometimes even healthier. Certainly for the environment.

What about GMO crops that can survive on 1-10% the amount of water that ordinary crops need? This may be especially relevant when considering climate change.