Environmental Metrics (Fish)

In order to ensure that we set audacious but achievable goals in this prize competition, we need to both establish a baseline for conventional fish production and know how plant- and cell-based fish alternatives are currently performing.

As you can see in the chart below, there are a number of gaps (the red dots) in our research, which we hope the community can fill in.

For alternatives, we’re missing the following environmental metrics:

  • The impact on deforestation of conventional fish, both farm raised and wild caught.
  • The impact on greenhouse gas emissions (CHG), deforestation, water use, water pollution and energy for plant-based fish alternatives.
  • The impact on water pollution for cell-based fish alternatives.

We’d appreciate any guidance you can provide in order to help us establish these metrics!

@rbeelman and @eatcleaner, would you be able to help us with the missing metrics?

Hi Nick, I’m not sure I can weigh in on specifics regarding the missing info here as I don’t have expertise in those categories.

Understood. Thank you for taking a look anyway, @eatcleaner!

@LorinFries, @Isabellargandic, perhaps you’re able to answer some of these questions for us, or point us in the right direction?

@Erika, @rezaovissi and @seasonallyfresh, I’d like to bring this to your attention as well. If you have any insight on this topic, we’d love to hear it! Thanks.