Don't forget the 'Green New Deal' -- A Green Economy is the Way Forward

The back drop to the current pandemic is Climate Change (which scientists tell us will cause more epidemics and pandemics due in part to global land use changes/habitat destruction, over-crowding of urban centers, and weakening immune systems).

This is not a time to put aside the idea of a ‘green economy’…but a time to accelerate it!

Here is a well-researched (and referenced) article on this vital topic:

The Article:
The Next Economic Stimulus Must Include Green New Deal Measures

[Correction: in the preceding comment, I meant to say Climate Change ‘exacerbates’ epidemics/pandemics, not ‘causes’ them directly]

And here is another relevant article (also from that buttresses my initial comment:
Climate Change Multiplies the Threats of Infectious Diseases**