Current efforts to provide children with ID - where do they fall short?

Despite some level of success, existing efforts to provide children with legal identity are falling short. Why?

How can a potential prize competition or intervention overcome these shortcomings?

Please share any ideas, thoughts, links, or examples you might have.

There are international organizations working on giving legal identification to children, especially initiatives focused on birth registrations. However, even with all of the initiatives the latest estimations put the number of children (under 18) without legal identity at 440 million. This is a huge number that has the potential to grow as more and more births go unrecorded.

It would be great to hear any thoughts on what challenges these initiatives face and also on what are some of the success stories.

The national registration system is a good tool for this. That is for my country Nigeria, the National Identification card. As it provides a means of financial services if required.

Effort should be improved on registering the people. Schools should be visited for registration. UN does this and should increase hands.
Home-to-home visitation for this should be done.
Village councils for rural areas should be inclusive.
Churches, Musques should not be left out. And hospitals.
Offices too.

@megXprize Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts! Would a digital system improve the rates of registration as well? I would love to get your feedback on our newest thread focused on potential prize criteria!

Yes! The digital system is actually the needed instruments for a successful registration.

I don’t know if Birth Certificate is issued at registration because it is needed. This registration should be continuous.