Celebration of Scientific Achievements

A theme that came up in our meetings with the Climate Change Brain Trust was that, by 2040, we will celebrate scientific accomplishments similarly to how we celebrate the Super Bowl. In your opinion:

  • Is a cultural shift like this possible?
  • What intermediate steps are necessary to attract the public’s attention at that scale?

We need STEM pages in the newspaper…


@AntChase, @Dianachaplin, since you both work in marketing, I’m hoping you may have thoughts on this topic.

In the process of designing our next, multimillion-dollar prize competition (you can read more about the Global Visioneering program here), we’re envisioning a future in which scientific achievements are celebrated much like sports are today. How do we get there? What would such a future look like?

Hi @yurimytko, @CO2Solver and @AlexIp - Would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion.

Welcome to the XPRIZE Community, @Jasongn! Looking at your diverse experience, I thought you might be interested in this discussion and have thoughts for us - how do we usher in a future in which people are as excited about scientific accomplishments as they are about sports and reality TV today?