Carbon removal

A very good way to remove carbon from the general environment is planting trees which of course store carbon as they grow. This is easy, low tech and within the reach of most people on the earth.

It is often overlooked as a method which is unfortunate as this is a merhod which can truly engage both the young and the old, the landed and the landless.

Hi @Elaine71, I couldn’t agree more! Trees are great stores for CO2, and provide numerous co-benefits like environmental resiliency, wildlife diversity, and potentially economically viable products. But our research and conversations with experts seem to indicate that afforestation/reforestation alone won’t be able to capture and store the amount of CO2 we need in the time frame necessary to avoid significant climate change.

Are there any other pathways out there you find interesting to remove and store CO2?

Sir i want to express my idea for the initiative

Aquaculture of a biomass like Giant Kelp can sequester up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests and ocean covers 71% of earth’s surface. Seems like a better way to go.