Barriers to Living to 110+

One element of our vision for health in 2040 is that all people will be able to live to 110+ in good health.

There are, of course, many and huge barriers to that vision. I think we’ve identified many in our Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap, and we’re already discussing several as part of Global Visioneering here in the Community:

So let me ask you here:

  1. Which barriers would you add? and
  2. Which might be solvable with an XPRIZE competition?

@ag24ag24, @LifespanKeith, @Jerome, and @jonathankolber, please let us know what you think!

For those barriers that are considered to be the most pressing, we will crowdsource breakthroughs in the next phase of the breakthrough. The most promising breakthroughs will in turn be converted into ideas for XPRIZEs.

@NickOttens I think also Eliminating Unsafe Injections fits in this category.

Hi @abarsouk and @Elena_Milova - What do you see as the key barriers to humans living a healthy and productive life till 110+.

Hi @katebatz, @MFossel, and @joannabensz,
As you have a vast experience in this field, we would love to hear your thoughts on the key barriers to humans living a healthy and productive life till 110+. Thanks.

The key barriers are our unexamined assumptions about the aging process itself. Most assume that aging is merely entropic and focus on biomarkers, rather than examining the fundamental process and focusing upon causation and optimal points of intervention. Focusing upon “biomarkers of aging” is no more useful than focusing upon “biomarkers of COVID”. To truly extend the healthy human lifespan, to cure and prevent age-related disease, to improve human lives demand that we understand the complexity of aging and its cellular and genetic mechanisms. This is entirely feasible and technically within our grasp by resetting the pattern of gene expression to that of young cells, which was first accomplished in human cells 23 years ago, human tissues 21 years ago, and demonstrated in animal models repeatedly in the past decade. We intend to take this to effective human trials. Barring ignorance, there are no barriers to humans living healthy and productive lives easily double those we have now.


Thanks for sharing these insights.

The coronavirus may have you thinking about your mortality. At the end of the day, humans only have one life on this planet. Even more so, we are pretty fragile, prone to disease, destructive, and a bit stubborn. Since the beginning of time, humans have longed for “eternal life," - the ability to extend one’s life and youth far beyond its current limits. Nevertheless, you have to give humans their props for increasing their species life expectancy across the board over the last 200 years .