Alternative Protein Space in 5-10 Years

Where do you think the alternative protein/alternative meat space will be in 5-10 years?

It will be mainstream, global, and used in all cuisines and all types of value-added products. Already, when high quality plant-based meats are used in recipes ranging from crab cakes to chicken picata to beef wellington, the plant-based meats are indistinguishable from conventional.

I’d be paying attention to analogues (products meant to appeal to consumers by precisely mimicking animal products), and entirely alternate protein sources such as seaweed or other products that can be additives to provide nutritional protein with must less negative global effects. The latter may require a shift in consumer eating habits, and the former doesn’t but can be more expensive since the products are aiming to essentially taste and act in all ways like something else (hence more R&D and production costs).

I think in 5-10 years (more likely 10), the cost of most plant-based alternatives will approach, if not fall below, the cost of the product they are trying to mimic. I think this is the necessary condition for Todd’s answer to be the case. If this is not the case by then, we are doing something wrong.

@ManselWGriffiths, @cbotham33, I’m curious to hear from you on this issue. Where do you think we’ll be in five to ten years?