Air Power

This is suggested to develop innovative methods to generate and utilize energy from the air, maybe above 100 m from of sea level or higher. The techniques can be hydro, wind, solar or others, if any. How do you think?

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Hi @akb, @agval, @rayw, @nastben, @SPSBadwal, @fusuntut, @Access600, @Ksehgal, @Magneto, @adventureashr, @everforce - Do you think air power is an important topic for XPRIZE to focus on for its next $10M XPRIZE? If yes. Please vote for this topic.

Please share your thoughts on why/why not this topic is important. Thanks.

There are some ideas (EWICON & Alexander Bolonkin) that can convert wind energy to electrical without moving parts. Till now their efficiency is considerably less than the existing wind generators. But wind power is VERY depended on wind speed (as V^3) and these ideas could work great for high altitudes because it is quasi-stationar systems. For example, it could be easy combinated with meshes of AirHES, especially because the cloud water drops could transfer the charges to increase efficiency of such electroststic generators.

Beside that meshes and aerostats of AirHES could be used for film solar photovaltic elements and for accumulation of hydrogen gotten from ideal cloud water and combinated solar, wind, and hydro power.

Then you may give this a vote, for having your solution to compete with others within a XPRIZE framework.

@Shashi it might have potential, and so it could be worth exploring.

Hi @jasonsalfi - What your thoughts on Air Power?
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