Aging, Delayed


Postponing the emergence of at least three age-related diseases or conditions with the same treatment. This will demonstrate that the emergence of age-related diseases and conditions can be postponed and delayed, not one disease at a time, but instead as a collection of several conditions related to aging.

Why the Need?

Postponing the emergence of even a single age-related disease or condition would be a great boon to humanity. While this result would obviously be highly beneficial to humankind, we believe that by demonstrating that age-related diseases can be postponed, the current zeitgeist that limits the advancement of aging treatments will be overturned. The general public will see, for the first time, that age-related diseases are interconnected and treatable. The new zeitgeist will be one of hope and optimism, expressed by the public in a way that will require politicians and decision makers to direct funding into longevity and age reversal research.

Stipulations for a Successful Breakthrough Solution

    The emergence of at least three age-related diseases or conditions must be delayed with the same treatment The treatment must be demonstrated on a ‘higher mammal’ model: dogs, primates, or even humans The results of the treatment must be objectively verified and statistically approved The treatment in question cannot consist of lifestyle choices (physical exercise, dietary restriction, etc.) as these are already available, but have not been widely adopted.

Promising Technologies for Solutions

Certain drugs and drug candidates – like rapamycin and metformin – seem likely to have this effect in animals and in human beings. Other molecules that are only now being discovered and assessed - like GDF-11 - may have a similar effect as well.

Expected year for proof of concept: 2025
Expected year for mass-scaling: 2035

@Zoltan_Istvan, @mkaeberlein, @TorenM, what are your thoughts on this potential breakthrough?

Metformin and the TAME trial is working towards something similar to this. I wonder if anyone in the community can lend insight on what potential pitfalls that trial may face.

I’m still trying to figure out just what’s going on with the TAME trial. It seems to me like most people are. Has it begun yet?

I’m wondering why this is titled Aging, Delayed, which further promotes a negative image of aging. The description suggests a more accurate title: Age-Related Diseases Delayed or Illness Delayed or Declines in Health Delayed.