About XPRIZE Global Learning

XPRIZE Global Learning challenged teams from around the world to develop open-source, scalable software that empowers children to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic within 15 months.

The winning technologies demonstrated the most significant gains in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Although the competition is ending, the world’s work is just beginning. The free, accessible software code and data is now a resource for the world to build on, bringing quality learning experiences to children who do not have access to formal education, and supplementing the learning of children who do.

No matter how incredible the technological solution is, scaling and accelerating the path to universal access to quality education will only happen with your help. The proof of concept has worked. It’s time for the world to know.

What’s next?

Now that we have the data and learning software from the finalist teams, XPRIZE is focused on securing and loading the software onto tablets; localizing the software into different languages; and delivering preloaded hardware and charging stations to remote locations so we can scale this across the world.

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What’s in it for you?

As a member of the Learning Community, you are at the forefront of a breakthrough in access to quality education for all children, no matter the context.

Need help?

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