About the Empowered Children Prize Design

XPRIZE Community members advised on the design of a prize to provide digital identity to millions of children.

About the Prize Design

The Empowered Children Prize Design formerly the Lost Children prize design is an ambitious initiative that aims to identify transformative breakthroughs, with the purpose of incentivizing individuals and groups to implement them.

This project uses multiple methodologies to assess the current landscape and problems associated with the legal recognition or formal identification of children worldwide, to ensure we design a prize competition that helps drive innovative solutions for ‘lost children’.

The final product of this process of researching and discussions, the Prize Design, will provide the outline of what the winning team must accomplish to be awarded the prize.

Join this online community of experts to get involved, and share your wisdom with the crowd!

The Challenge

A lack of legal identification presents a serious problem for millions of children worldwide. One in four children under the age of five have never had their births registered, thereby lacking an ID and access to basic services such as health care and education. In the absence of legal recognition, these children can be forced into marriage and labor markets before a legal age, become victims of human trafficking, or end up trapped in a life of criminality. How can we create a future in which all children have access to this fundamental right?

Here at XPRIZE, we are designing a new prize competition to incentivize innovations to provide digital and legal identity to these millions of children that protects and empowers them, and helps them thrive.

The Goal

We are designing an XPRIZE to find innovative ways to help ‘lost children’ receive legal recognition.

The Prize Design will provide the outline of what the winning team must accomplish to be awarded the prize and define the parameters of the XPRIZE competition. It is audacious, yet achievable.

Your Role

The community is currently debating the challenges and opportunities associated with helping ‘lost children’ receive the proper legal recognition they need.

We invite you to join us and other experts from around the world to share your wisdom with the crowd and advise us on the design of this XPRIZE Lost Children Prize Design!

What’s in it for you

We know your time is precious, and we appreciate your participation and input.

None of the other benefits below come close to the reward of knowing that you contributed to a truly transformative breakthrough.

We will regularly announce the most prolific community members to recognize their contributions. Participation allows you to:

  • Network with diverse stakeholders;
  • Brainstorm with top experts;
  • Promote your work;
  • Earn rewards, such as online gift cards.

Monthly rewards for the best contributors and excellence in the community will be announced at the end of each month.


This Prize Design is led by @LisaCovington, @SevagKechichian and @BryanNamba. @NickAzer manages the online community.

Need help?

Leave a comment here or contact the community manager, @NickAzer, via mailto:nick.azer@xprize.org.