About the Charter Communities category

XPRIZE Community members advised on the design of a prize to transform housing and communities.

About the Prize Design

The Charter Communities Prize Design is an ambitious initiative that aims to identify transformative breakthroughs, with the purpose of incentivizing individuals and groups to implement them. Crafted as the winning concept at XPRIZE’s Visioneering 2019, the Charter Communities XPRIZE was envisioned by visionary artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams and supported by the Andrew Nikou Foundation and philanthropists like Paresh Ghelani.

This project uses multiple methodologies to assess the current landscape of public and affordable housing, in order to ensure we design a Charter Communities prize that can drive scalable innovation to create transformational public housing alternatives that will provide a self-sustaining life beyond subsidized housing.

The final product of this process of researching and discussions, the Prize Design, will provide the outline of what the winning team must accomplish to be awarded the prize.

Join this online community of experts to get involved, and share your wisdom with the crowd!

The Challenge

Millions of people across America, and the world, struggle with access to equitable housing. Affordable housing is a challenge that prevents many from pursuing the opportunity to achieve their goals and live life to its fullest potential; access to a safe, healthy place to live is a basic human right and an essential element of productivity.

How can we turn this challenge into a chance to give millions a healthier, supportive environment that will lift them up both at home, and in their communities?

The Goal

We are designing an XPRIZE that can drive scalable innovation to create transformational public housing alternatives that will provide a self-sustaining life beyond subsidized housing.

The Prize Design will provide the outline of what the winning team must accomplish to be awarded the prize and define the parameters of the XPRIZE competition. It is audacious, yet achievable.

Your Role

The community is currently debating the challenges and opportunities associated with creating transformational public housing alternatives.

We invite you to join us and other experts from around the world to share your wisdom with the crowd and advise us on the design of this XPRIZE Charter Communities Prize Design!

What’s in it for you

We know your time is precious, and we appreciate your participation and input.

None of the other benefits below come close to the reward of knowing that you contributed to a truly transformative breakthrough.

We will regularly announce the most prolific community members to recognize their contributions. Participation allows you to:

  • Network with diverse stakeholders;
  • Brainstorm with top experts;
  • Promote your work;
  • Earn rewards, such as online gift cards.

Monthly rewards for the best contributors and excellence in the community will be announced at the end of each month.


This Prize Design is led by @DavidPoli, @JessicaYoon, @SevagKechichian and @nmgraham. @NickAzer manages the online community.

Need help?

If you have questions or need help, leave a comment here or contact the community manager, Nick Azer, via mailto:nick.azer@xprize.org. We look forward to engaging with you here on this exciting project!

Certainly a worthwhile way of paying it forward!

I’m really interested in repurposing an old project here, but I’d love (arguably need, I don’t want my own moderate competence to hold this back) some help from people who are more used to this sort of thing rather than to solo it.

A few of us put a TON of work into it a few years back and got derailed by real life and the two best people involved passed away and now we’re bringing it back to life.

It’s essentially a way to create a bunch of small, consent-based RBEs that aren’t tied to any one vision inside the legal shell of a corporation…so people can have housing and safety and move around between (and evolve) little societies without having to wait for elections every four years that don’t help them. Kind of a Venus Project + Mondragon + Monkeysphere+ University + Peace Corps thing, but modernized and gamified Jane McGonigalstyle

Here’s an image from the old draft that captures a bit of the weird spirit

It needs work IMHO, but the intention is good and most of the pieces have already been done by other people, it’s just a different way to assemble things that people have already done and learned!

Supportive housing — since homelessness is a critical barrier to improving heath and heath equity and making home a one-stop shop for all life makes life easier. And health issues deter productivity as a member of both the workforce and families. I also think that intergenerational communities are our future to address social isolation and to have non-blood members of a community help each other prosper in general. Better yet, if we become more open to living with “roommates” we may reduce the housing shortage by filling up unused guest rooms.