About the Carbon Removal Prize Design

Current efforts to reduce global CO2 emissions are not enough to prevent catastrophic climate change. A growing consensus concludes that directly removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, oceans, and ecosystems is necessary.

The Goal

To address this global grand challenge, XPRIZE is excited to officially kick-off the design process for our new Carbon Removal Prize Design. The goal of this prize will be to accelerate breakthroughs to catalyze action to fight climate change.

We currently are in the ideation stage at this point for a competition whose aim will be to achieve breakthroughs either in technology or via innovation that will lead to a method of CO2 removal at scale from either the atmosphere and/or oceans.

The final product of this process of researching and discussions, the Prize Design, will provide the outline of what the winning team must accomplish to be awarded the prize.

Your Role

The community is currently debating the challenges and opportunities associated with carbon removal.

We invite you to join us and other experts from around the world to share your wisdom with the crowd and advise us on the Carbon Removal Prize Design!

What’s In It For You

We know your time is precious, and we appreciate your participation and input.

None of the other benefits below come close to the reward of knowing that you contributed to a truly transformative breakthrough.

We will regularly announce the most prolific community members to recognize their contributions. Participation allows you to:

  • Network with diverse stakeholders.
  • Brainstorm with top experts.
  • Promote your work.
  • Earn rewards, such as online gift cards, XPRIZE gift boxes and trips to XPRIZE labs.

Need Help?

If you have questions or need help, leave a comment here or contact the community manager, @NickAzer, via mailto:nick.azer@xprize.org.

Is there still a requirement to pay a $5k entrance fee to participate in future Prize competitions?

As a former economic development professional, I hope to contribute to a multi-benefit CO 2 capture mechanism.

With 70% of the world area being oceans, and vast majority of the carbon already stored in it, sequestration in the ocean is a logical option. However, Government and general academia are shockingly downplaying this potential.

X Prize has consistently supported ocean health, and could kickstart serious consideration of ocean based climate solutions, including sequestration technologies.

@amalbhattarai We couldn’t agree more about the oceans. We’ve been diving deep (no pun intended) into the ocean carbon cycle and the various algae pathways to carbon sequestration. Is there any particular ocean CCS that intrigues you? If so, why?

Well…I am biased to downwelling surface carbon for sequestration because I am affiliated with one startup that has developed a wave driven system for oxygenation combined with sequestration.

There are a handful of other techniques, all of whom are different in that they require external energy and cash input.

The company is www.ocean-Based.com.

Thank you @amalbhattarai for the link to the company you are affiliated with. Very interesting stuff happening at Ocean-Based Climate Solutions, Inc. The technology speared headed by Ocean-Based Climate Solutions is called the Oxygenator and is set to be completed in 2019 correct? Where are you planning on deploying the units?

Yes, Oxygenator design is complete and testing can start ~2 months after funding arrives. The first customer is targeted for 2020.
Currently, Ocean Based is Angel funded, and seeking $3M to get to that first customer revenue.

@amalbhattarai do you see this kind of solution working without any kind of price on carbon? are you seeking any kind of funding from the various credit schemes out there?

By the way, I see you’re based in Santa Fe. Have an El Parasol chicken guacamole taco for me, still my favorite taco ever.

@jamesburbridge, The inventor and founder developed a payment method that does not involve a carbon price…corporations sponsor a number of devices, and pay with common shares. Thus there is no cash cost to the company while it’s carbon footprint is being erased !

Am here to support carbon capture prize design through advice.

Using our patented Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, one plants and then multi-tasks special Bio-Crops, to cost-effectively do good things, like capturing large amounts of CO 2, remediating air, soil and water, and then making circular economy bio-products from the harvested material.

The world has underestimated the potential of plants to capture CO 2 and focused on agriculture and soils as a sequestration mechanism, only. Our findings prove that limitation wrong, and the upcoming carbon capture prizes should not only take note, but conduct the same kind of analysis UC Berkeley did for us, which found that fields of our preferred Bio-Crop could capture nearly 4 times the amount of CO 2, as an equal acreage of trees.

Our CRBBP Process’ multi-tasking features share the cost of growing the Bio-Crops across multiple tasks, making the cost of each task, including CO 2 capture, the remediation of air, soil and water, and then the making circular economy bio-products, lower than it would have been, if the Bio-Crops were grown for a single purpose.

Demonstrating traction for our CRBBP Process, ATP-MD, LLC, my Maryland operating affiliate, with help from the Exelon Foundation’s Climate Change Investment Initiative, is commercializing an urban application of our CRBBP Process, in Baltimore.

See: https://www.exelonfoundation.org/environment.html.

In Baltimore, we expect to be extracting almost 4 times the atmospheric CO 2, as an equal acreage of trees, when Biomass Sorghum is planted outdoors, to remediate brownfield sites, and roughly 9 times as much, when Biomass Sorghum is planted in our proposed Vertical Bio-Crop Farms (VBF’s), to capture CO 2 from the flue gasses of large emitters.