About the Age Reversal Prize Design

XPRIZE Community members advised on the design of a prize for age reversal, sponsored by software architect and investor Michael Antonov and Longevity Vision Fund founder and XPRIZE Innovation Board member Sergey Young.

About the Prize Design

Imagine a future in which human life- and health spans are greatly extended. Age-related illnesses are rare. Cognitive and physical deterioration are significantly reduced. Humanity has embraced the ability to remain youthful for a much longer time throughout physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy lives.

At XPRIZE, we believe in pulling the future forward. Rejuvenation is within reach, but real, scientifically-verified age reversal has yet to be demonstrated in human beings. A truly groundbreaking solution is required to achieve significant age reversal.

An XPRIZE competition can incentivize the creation of just such a solution.

This design, which was first pitched at Visioneering 2019 and is sponsored by software architect and investor Michael Antonov and Sergey Young, founder of the Longevity Vision Fund, will lead to a prize competition that catalyzes innovation in age reversal, inspires the public, and spurs investment in longevity.

Your role

We set audacious goals in our prize competitions — but our goals must also be achievable. That is why we crowdsource the design of our competitions in the XPRIZE Community.

As a member, you can help us make sure that we design a competition that is grounded in the science and practice of top professionals in the field, and one that will have meaningful, scalable, and enduring impact.

What’s in it for you

We know your time is precious, and we appreciate your participation and input.

In addition to contributing to what will be a transformative breakthrough, community participation allows you to:

  • Network with diverse stakeholders
  • Brainstorm with top experts
  • Promote your work
  • Be considered for XPRIZE's wide-reaching blog and influential podcasts

All active community members will be credited in the final prize design report.


This prize design is led by @Roey, @DavidPoli, and @JessicaYoon. @NickOttens manages the online community.

Need help?

If you have questions or need help with the community, leave a comment here or contact Nick at nick.ottens@xprize.org.

I look forward to engaging with brilliant visionaries on the epic cause of age reversal.
Rudi Hoffman

New research suggests that a three-drug cocktail could reverse biological aging. Reverse aging technology would increase not only lifespan, but healthspan — the period of our life for which we are healthy, happy, and productive. It would continually restore vitality and bodily function by removing the damage that is inevitably caused by the processes of life.

45 years ago I was a teachers pet going into high school, a geek like Sheldon Cooper of the Big
Bang Theory, I was full of myself and my intelligence until I joined the chess club. A senior in the
chess club destroyed me. Then he beat with again without a queen and then again without a queen and a rook. I was embarrassed and it was quite a wake up call. Later I found out his guy was a Grand Master, the second best chess player in Canada and had a photographic memory.
Anyway, I began to wonder what intelligence was, if you could build it into a machine and wrote my first Artificial Intelligence program. What I have learned since led me to now. Currently, age reversal is my third or fourth invention down the pipe to produce. Consider its easy to do IF you know what aging REALLY is. Right now my focus is ending the pandemic and am in the process of patenting a machine that cures disease in an entirely new way within minutes. By the early new year or earlier this pandemic is toast. I just thought it might be a good idea at first if no one dies from this disease before I go on to other things.
Tom James 416-332-0092

I know very little about biology or medicine. I have thought a lot about aging and the social effects of extending life. I understand the practical implications–I have been following age extending strategies for over 40 years–I am now 84 years old. My view: There is no sensible benefit to extending life past about 80 years old unless you are needed for a special purpose–if you are afraid to die, then you have other problems. The important thing to measure is the integrated quality of life over the allotted time–mental, physical, and spiritual vitality.

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Thank you for your comment, @ErnieRogers! I moved it here, as it touches on our Age Reversal Prize Design.

The idea is not simply to add years at the end, so that people live longer in old age, but to extend what we call the “healthspan”. Reversing aging would allow people to live longer, healthier, and hopefully happier lives.

Download the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap, if you haven’t yet, which includes counterarguments and rebuttals to some of the most common arguments against longevity.

You may also be interested in our discussion about the broader implications of age reversal and the long-term future we should aim to usher in with this prize competition.

Scientists claim to have successfully reversed the biological ageing process in a group of elderly adults. … At the end of the trial, the scientists reported that the participants’ telomeres had increased in length by an average of 20 per cent, while their senescent cells had been reduced by up to 37 per cent.

Reversal of Biological Aging can be triggered by mentoring of 2 Vital Indicators:

  1. Telomere length and
  2. senescent cells accumulation.