About Global Visioneering

What will be the next XPRIZE competition? You decide!

From April to September 2021, experts in climate change, energy, health, and space will work with experienced XPRIZE competition designers to come up with 20 ideas for prizes.

In April and May , XPRIZE Community members can recommend subdomains; areas of focus within the four domains.

Starting in May, and continuing through June, participants will be asked to map out the biggest barriers, or challenges, in those domains. Breakthrough solutions for the top barriers will be crowdsourced in July.

Those breakthroughs will form the basis for prize ideas in August . The most promising ideas will be developed in September .

Prize ideas will be reviewed and validated with an assembly of preeminent global leaders during a capstone event in October.

Another approach could be to look for intersections among the topics. For example, four of the five areas are clearly related: our demand for energy requires water and this limits food production, many current energy energy systems produce pollutants that impact human health (WHO lists air pollution as the cause of 1 in 8 deaths worldwide) and also lead to climate impacts. Thus an advance is energy systems/technologies could potentially result in energy security, water for food production, better health, and a reduction in radiative forcers (reduced climate impact).

Absolutely! Hopefully some of the breakthrough and later prize ideas we’ll crowdsource will address challenges across domains.

We are adding one month to the first phase of the Global Visioneering design process — subdomains and visions — in order to give experts more time to join our program.

We would now map out challenges in June , crowdsource breakthroughs in July , and ideate prizes in August .

Please bear with us as we build the plane while flying. Global Visioneering is a new program, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve. If you have ideas, or questions, let us know!

We’re renaming the challenges phase barriers to avoid confusion with our other challenges, which are small and shorter-term competitions.

What about a prize for sequencing the genomes of as many organisms on earth as possible? Could include an element of bioprospecting. $1 billion for sequencing life on earth (with genome quality metrics set: long read assemblies, chromosome level scaffolding and some % annotation?). This could be the greatest single contribution to science in history.

Thanks for the idea, @DrAaronTDossey! In July, we’ll open up the breakthroughs phase of the program. You can inject your proposal there, and if it gains traction we’ll be able to develop it into a prize idea in August.

Now that 2021 is well past, what’s the status of the Global Visioneering project? Was this a one-time experiment, or something that will be periodically repeated?