About Global Visioneering

What will be the next XPRIZE competition? You decide!

From April to September 2021, experts in five domains — climate change, energy, food security, health, and space — will work with experienced XPRIZE competition designers to come up with 10 ideas for prizes.

In April, the XPRIZE Community will identify subdomains; areas of focus within each domain. Virtual workshops at the end of the month will define what a future of abundance in each of the five domains should look like.

In May, participants will map out the challenges to achieving those visions. In June, we will crowdsource breakthroughs to overcoming the most important challenges. The most promising breakthroughs will be developed in July.

By August, participants will be asked to pick a breakthrough and, as a team, convert it into a prize idea. The most audacious ideas will be selected for development in September.

Teams will pitch their prize ideas to a conclave of eminent scientists and potential prize sponsors in October, who pick the 10 best ideas. Those ideas, and their teams, will advance to the Global Visioneering event in Q1 2022, when the global crowd votes for the next $10M XPRIZE.

Another approach could be to look for intersections among the topics. For example, four of the five areas are clearly related: our demand for energy requires water and this limits food production, many current energy energy systems produce pollutants that impact human health (WHO lists air pollution as the cause of 1 in 8 deaths worldwide) and also lead to climate impacts. Thus an advance is energy systems/technologies could potentially result in energy security, water for food production, better health, and a reduction in radiative forcers (reduced climate impact).