About Global Visioneering Subdomains

Breaking down the domains of climate change, energy, health, and space into subdomains: areas of focus within the larger domains.

You can recommend subdomains and up-vote the subdomains proposed by others if you agree we should focus on them.

  • Create a separate discussion topic for each subdomain.
  • In the body of your post, explain why you believe the subdomain is important.
  • Give your topic one of the five domain tags.

We are not yet trying to come up with solutions to existing challenges. As part of the signature XPRIZE process for designing impactful prize competitions, we start by imagining the future we wish to usher in, then analyze the challenges to getting there before exploring breakthroughs and eventually ideas for prize competitions.

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Under the Three Biospheres I have suggested three ways of subdomaining the Climate Change domain.

The Energy domain might be subdivided into the subdomains of:

  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Conversion
  • Energy Transmission and Energy Efficiency

Each of which might be further subdivided.

Alternatively, though possibly less usefully, it might be subdivided into the different forms of energy, namely:

  • Chemical (fuels, batteries, biomass)
  • Thermal (heat or cold),
  • Positional (includes gravitational)
  • Motion (movement, rotation)
  • Sonic (vibration)
  • Tension (includes mechanical, tension, spring, elastic)
  • Electrical (charge difference, electrostatic, magnetic field, current)
  • Electromagnetic (light, radiation, radiant)
  • Nuclear (fission or fusion)
  • Phasal Energy

The Food Security domain might be subdivided into subdomains including:

  • Food suitability & cost
  • Diet & practice taboos
  • Wealth & Distribution
  • Climate & Topographic Suitability
  • Land/Soil/Sea Availability & Fertility
  • Nutrient accessibility & cost
  • Soil carbon & microbiome
  • Water salinity, quality & cost
  • Pollutants
  • Food Storage Security & Packaging
  • Fair & Efficient Food Transportation & Distribution
  • Food & Fodder Wastage
  • Biomass Recycling
  • Natural & Anthropogenic disasters
  • Information, Education, Access, Markets, Communications, Fake News;
  • Taxation & Forced Labour
  • Pest & Disease prevalence & treatment/prevention cost
  • Unwelcome Invasive Species
  • Cost & Access to Finance & Insurance
  • Cost and Access to desirable biological strains
  • Sociopolitical Disability, Unrest & Conflict
  • Cost & Access to Artificial or Vat-grown Food Production

Thank you for the recommendations, @Sev! I hope you don’t mind I edited your post a bit to make it easier to read; I put the various subdomains you suggested in lists.

@Roey and @SevagKechichian, for your eyes.

Looking at Food Security Domain:
Some of these subdomains could be clustered. For example, pest and disease, invasive species, crop strains, pollutants, soil fertility could all be categorized as Agricultural Inputs. Market/finance/insurance access could even fit in there. This category could also be called Pre-Harvest Food Loss Prevention.

I’m still not entirely clear what the goal is. How will the concept differ from the current challenges? Is this process a continuation of the Future of Food Roadmap?

Thanks Claire. The aim of this is slightly different than the Future of Food Roadmap. Here, we are trying to figure out which areas or issues (some of which are covered by the Roadmap) should XPRIZE prioratize or create competitions on in 2022. So we are seeking experts’ advice on this, but starting with making sure that we are not missing any of the major challenges.