Welcome to the XPRIZE Rainforest resources page. XPRIZE Rainforest is a global 5-year, $10 million competition that convenes innovators and experts across disciplines – from conservationists and Indigenous scientists to engineers and roboticists – and challenges them to use novel technologies to expedite the monitoring of tropical biodiversity.

Why was XPRIZE Rainforest Launched?

Tropical rainforests cover less than 3% of the Earth’s area but are the most biodiverse ecosystems, with estimates of up to 50 million unique species. Unfortunately, we are losing these vital ecosystems before they can be fully assessed due to rampant deforestation. In fact, tropical rainforests are deforested at an alarming rate of around 4 million hectares a year – that’s roughly the size of the entire country of Switzerland, gone forever.

XPRIZE Rainforest will result in rapid and autonomous technology that enables researchers to gain near real-time insights about biodiversity – providing necessary data that can inform conservation action and policy, support sustainable bioeconomies, and empower Indigenous Peoples and local communities before time runs out.

Tropical Forests at Risk

Rainforests and Climate Change

State of Biodiversity

IPLC-Centered Conservation

Biodiversity Agreements

Conservation Technology