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Feedback and Suggestions

XPRIZEXPRIZE Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 108 admin
edited July 16 in General
If you have feedback or suggestions about the community, please share it here.


  • jring7jring7 Posts: 3
    What shall you do about software 'bugs' and hardware malfunctions?
  • jonobaconjonobacon Bay Area, USAPosts: 6 mod
    @jring7 bugs and defects in the projects should be reported in GitHub. Bugs in this community should be reported here.
  • jring7jring7 Posts: 3
    So you wait till they are noticed?
    No Zero Defects effort?
  • jonobaconjonobacon Bay Area, USAPosts: 6 mod
    @jring7 I don't know what the teams are doing: they may already have an effort underway.

    Is this something you would like to help with?
  • jring7jring7 Posts: 3
    XPrise should be seeking Zero Defects learning environments including materials and tools. We are ready to help practitioners learn how to do this if funded.
  • jonobaconjonobacon Bay Area, USAPosts: 6 mod
    @jring7 totally agree. Currently there isn't funding for this: would you be open to contributing some time to this?
  • Jack_MostowJack_Mostow Posts: 4
    1. Can you make it easy to download all the Global Learning XPRIZE data files instead of having to download each individual file separately as at present?

    2. Can you either let us use the same login for,, and, or at least make it clearer that each one requires a separate account?

    Thanks! - Jack
  • NickOttensNickOttens Barcelona, SpainPosts: 361 admin
    Hi @Jack_Mostow, we're working on the second point you raise. Hopefully in the next couple of months we'll be able to roll this out, so you'll only need one account for all platforms.

    @jo_xprize, @daniel_miller or @jonobacon may be able to answer your first question.
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