Why consider live in Space ?

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Since sevaral centurys, humankind discuss life in the outer space. Maybe we will be the first ET form of life. In fact we already are there.

But why we should consider this possibilitie ? why we not just focus on increase quality here on earth ? what kind of feeling , that we know are here inside us , since the fenicians thousands of years ago ?

Now we are overseas ,,, we are outspace there ...

We are here to do the impossible things now, the possible ones , the nature can do alone tomorrow , and can be late for us. -- Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti. / SpaceMETA.com.br


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    SETI is doing a lot of awesome things in this space (excuse the pun)!

    What do you think of their programs?


    Exoplanet research is really fascinating, too - I wonder if there might be some kind of breakthroughs that could happen with the measurement and detection of them:

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    E.T. phone home.
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