How is technology helping in access to healthcare?

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How is digital technology (especially artificial intelligence) currently being used to increase access to basic health care in low- and middle-income countries?


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    Hi @nothmany and @acowlagi - As you both have a background in technology, it would be nice to know from you how technology is used currently to increase basic healthcare. Please share your thoughts.
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    Hi @Shabbir - It would great to have your thoughts on this discussion. Thanks.
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    Project ECHO exists to democratize life-saving medical knowledge — linking experts at centralized institutions with regional, local, and community-based workforces. The model leverages digital technology to engage local healthcare workers and public health officials in knowledge-sharing and case-based learning. Best practices are shared and adapted in both directions — between subject matter experts and those working in the field to get the right knowledge at the right place at the right time.
    AI will play an increasingly important role as data gets collected at the Last Mile via cell/smart phones. This data can be analyzed and be used by health care workers. For example, a 29 year old patient presents with a fever, has a cough, and has two other family members that are sick. A health care worker that is attending to this patient can be guided by an AI system, enabling her decision making. Should she manage this patient herself, or send to a hospital, etc.? It's important to note that AI cannot replace people, but will play an important enabling role.
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