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jordangialijordangiali Research AnalystPosts: 43 XPRIZE
This prize would challenge teams to create a technological solution that helps people learn a new skill or occupation quickly, efficiently, and affordably. The winning team’s solution would successfully upskill a set number of vulnerable workers in a specified occupation (i.e. - nursing) with measurable impacts on their incomes. The solution would need to be scalable across different geographies in the U.S.



  • NickOttensNickOttens Community Manager Amsterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 899 admin
    @tmiller, thank you so much for joining the XPRIZE Community! I'd like to ask your thoughts on this idea for a prize competition, which is one of six ideas we're exploring.

    Specifically, do you think a prize, as described by @jordangiali, would be audacious enough to help low-skilled and low-wage workers? While at the same being achievable?
  • NickOttensNickOttens Community Manager Amsterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 899 admin
    @jessica_brown, @GlobalFuturist, @vehien, @Harlan, we'd love your input on this idea for an XPRIZE as well. Please let us know if you believe this would make a significant (and positive!) impact, or if there are aspects of this you think should be discarded?
  • ramdhanykramdhanyk Founder / CEO Posts: 13
    This is definitely a good prize as businesses are constantly looking for talent with new skills. I would recommend using the word 'pipeline', 'talent pipeline' as part of the name of the prize and / or description as business typically are interested in talent pipelines to meet their rapidly changing needs.
  • CindyUNCCindyUNC Director, Research & Impact, Innovate Carolina Posts: 8 ✭✭
    I agree with "talent pipeline." We are looking at how we inventory student/workforce skills into the current needs of employers in our area. What are key skills? How can we grow them through our new curricular offerings and through co-curriculars? How do these skills help startups, which are central to job creation and at great risk due to the COVID-19 crisis?
  • NickOttensNickOttens Community Manager Amsterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 899 admin
    Thank you for your comment, @CindyUNC! We are now developing this very prize idea further, also taking into account the likely economic ramifications of COVID-19, under Rapid-Response Workforce XPRIZE. I look forward to your comments there!
  • jordangialijordangiali Research Analyst Posts: 43 XPRIZE
    Thank you for your feedback @ramdhanyk and @CindyUNC! I agree that "talent pipeline" is an effective way to frame the solution development. We will make note of this and include it in our discussions.
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