Space based solar power

akbakb Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
This is my favourite [most exciting / innovative] energy solution.

First we pick a clean, sustainable, energy source: the Sun.

Then we utilise that by constructing large scale (thin film) solar panels in space. The collected energy is beamed down to specific receiving sites on the ground (perhaps via laser, microwaves or radio waves). This provides a global solution capable of delivering energy to any point on the planet, even a small village in the middle of nowhere.

Of course we have to be mindful of climate change and not increase the total energy falling on the planet. In fact we can reduce the total solar radiation on the planet by using some solar panels as shields: they collect energy and block it falling on the Earth. Perhaps a reduction of just a few percent in total energy falling on the Earth will provide a solution to climate change. What do we do with this excess energy not destined for Earth? This is used to power the new space age, which is expected to involve construction in space (in orbit around the Earth and the Moon).

See how we might construct this in the concise introduction presented here: Space Future Gallery.
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