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Most urgent languages for localization

echurchechurch Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 6 mod
What do you think are the most urgent, high-impact languages for localization?


  • mehandalmehandal Posts: 9
    Spanish!!! Tell me how I can help!!
  • jo_xprizejo_xprize Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 7 mod
    For reference, here are the numbers from UNESCO's fact sheet from 2016:

    Out-of-school children of primary school age
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: 34 million
    • Southern Asia: 10 million
    • Eastern and South-Eastern Asia: 7 million
    • Northern Africa and Western Asia: 5.8 million
    • Latin America and the Caribbean: 3 million
  • mosendmosend Posts: 2
    used in iran ,afganestan ,tajikestan .
  • MarjanMMarjanM Posts: 4
    Can localisation be done by third party or should the organizations such as OneBillion or KItkit get involved? If it requires their involvement , what would be the level of support required and how can we get on their strategy plan?
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