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India’s population is projected to be 1.7 billion in 2050 with the maximum number of people with average life expectancy at 80+ years. The old age population is expected to grow to 14% (from 4% at present) with geriatric health care specialized services such as dementia, nutritional services and home care services expected to have a larger role.

The shift in demographic patterns and lifestyle trends will necessitate preventive healthcare to reduce the cost of healthcare spending. Moreover, nearly 51% of India’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050 (up from 30% in 2015). Increased urbanization may offer some advantages to the health care practitioners such as a larger set of a population will be accessible for availing healthcare services at relatively lower costs.

India is advancing in the use of technology innovations such as mobile health devices, technology integration with healthcare data and telemedicine strategies which could ease the burden from health system while still trying to boost healthier lives, reducing disabilities and increasing life expectancy.

The core healthcare pillars in India drive transition to a care delivery model which is more tailored and intensive on preventive and predictive healthcare rather than the reactive and curative care at present.

The world is witnessing advancements of emerging technologies like brain-computer interfaces, nanorobots, gene manipulation, robotic surgery, synthetic organs, organ cloning, individualized drugs, bionic body parts across the developed world.

India is strategically funding preventive and regenerative medicine to tackle the chronic diseases of ageing before they impair the ageing population. This is helping India in maintaining a healthy and productive population, and avoid the economic-healthcare catastrophe and also ensure India’s integral and prominent place in the collective bid of nations together facing this task.


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    Grand Challenges India plan to launch a Healthy Longevity Challenge in India for affordable med-tech innovations and life-supporting interventions into old age communities.
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