PaulineB. Hello

I am a new member of this community. I am a social scientist who has had a varied professional background as a university professor, author, congressional aide, think tank foreign policy analyst , NGO president, and (currently) thought leader in governance at a for-profit company that specializes in conflict prevention and economic development. My focus has been on state fragility and resilience, with a concentration on developing countries, especially in Africa where I lived and worked for over a decade. In my view, the future of farming cannot be separated from the futures of many other core issues, including climate change, technology, governance, women, private sector investment and, perhaps most of all, world inequality and the fate of subsistence farming. Progress , however, is difficult in this kind of complex and integrated set of issues, so I am intrigued by a dialogue which seek solutions in practical and concrete ways without losing sight of the big picture. Looking forward to it.


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