XPRIZE is excited to officially begin the Gender Data Gap Prize Design. Sponsored by The XPRIZE Guardian Circle, this ambitious initiative strives to exponentially improve gender equity by incentivizing and accelerating innovations that close the gender data gap.

By Gender Data Gap, we are referring to the reality that the vast majority of data collected perpetually excludes information about the perspective and experience of women. This type of biased data is used to inform design across all facets of the world in which we engage.

To prevent a cycle of algorithmic bias and enable an equitable future for humanity, XPRIZE is designing a series of challenges to incentivize the crowd to create, analyze, and use robust data sets that will then be fed into AI and machine learning technologies which will produce unbiased insights that tell the story of all humanity — not just a subset of it.

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Gender Data Gap

Designing a prize to close the gender data gap.

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